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The company has German production in the 1990s with advanced production equipment, 153 sets double-side shaft looms, HACOBA Warping machine, one set of M-TEC combs&shear joint equipmentand some domestic ancillary equipment, circular looms etc, The annual production capacity is more than 700 million meters of various fabric. In June 2009 ,The company sets up one new dyeing and finishing production line which adopts Germany and Italy equipments ,The annual production is 1 million meters dyeing velvet.

1.Paint Roller Fabric: acrylic, wool, wool&acrylic, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene, wool&polyester, wool &linen roller brush made of various materials, products are used in paint roller, scrubbing roller, cleaning brush etc.

2.Cleanning Fabric: microfiber, cotton, polyester, nylon, and other materials, a variety of colors, Which are used for the mop, cleaning brush, cleaning fabric, scraper window tool, scraper ground tool etc.

3. Powder Puff velvet series: 61 * 47 for hairdressing, face-painting

4.Apparel fabrics, home textiles products:

Dyed velvet, yarn-dyed velvetslubbed velvet, wide corduroy, pineapple velvet, double-side velvet, cotton blanket products etc. Independently develop polyester / cotton series, viscose / cotton series, viscose series, cotton and other series products.

5.Car’s backrest velvet and the decorative velvet seriesmore than 50 varieties.

6.Silk velvet Series Products: burnt-out velvet, silk velvet, cheongsam velvet, YALI velvet, JINLI velvet, georgette velvet, fire-retardant curtain velvet。